We do not offer official approval services to any institutions engaged in formal training or education from any school, college, vocational college or university is considered as a proper education provider nor professional certifications bodies like "PMI, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, CISCO...etc"

The official recognition is extremely cost valuable; the training organization simply pays for the audits and the review fees per course module per candidate; it is a smart choice: it is money well spent as the training provided by recognized entities is governed by global standards and best practices, so a high quality is naturally assured

We also provide official recognition services to training providers and companies that are not occupied in proper education or training. These companies may be a small- or large-scale group, but require having their training processes assessed and recognized.

As an employer you must be conscious of the importance of hiring a well trained and certified candidate. In this era of increasing competition, it has become a ordinary incident of scam, where candidates present credentials which are not provable. However, as an employer you only want to hire an employee with valid training.

We are here to assist you in both cases. We offer a tune exactly catering for the requirement of employers and professionals the same. We take credibility in any training program and verification of training for superior authenticity of the credentials offered. This in fact is a unique service where everyone is a front runner.

IFGICT Process IT certifications verified