Process of Validation

We realize and value the tough work and loyalty required providing excellent training to learners at all stages. Save for when it comes to individual trainers or training companies, there seems to be minor recognition at international levels. IFGICT training recognition and provide credibility for your hard work.

However to get the RECOGNIZED level, you need to understand our audit process and meet the terms of necessities. Once you receive the status, you will profit in numerous ways:

  • Your students will confidence your hard work more as you will be recognized individual or company.
  • You will have a great deal and superior service delivery as our audit process will certainly improve your training deliverance process to approximately ISO levels.
  • Our official recognition process is very cost valuable and offers a brilliant Return on Investment. 
The certification process is very effortless and direct:

  1. Training provider decides what courses want to submit for validation (we validate only ICT & Business Technology courses oriented) see list of topics we cover
  2. Training provider submit course material and exam model
  3. IFGICT Technical committee will audit and evaluate course content
  4. Upon approval by technical committee, IFGICT will approve and recognize the course provided by training provider
  5. IFGICT will approve and recognize the course content and short list training provider under the short listed training providers and partner’s webpage
  6. IFGICT will provide a validation registration number for online verification for each candidate along with authorization to use IFGICT logo as second stamp on course certificate

 We charge only USD$ 50 / Candidate,
Payment online

(Verified Training Partner annual fee is USD 100$ for Org. / Inst.  & Companies who would like to  verify / recognize their courses. Contact us and become Verified Training Partner VTP)