​FAQ for ICOs


Q. Who is going to fund the advertising campaign?


•             We are not for profit organization, therefore we do not fund any campaign. Officers will need to communicate with local enterprises and universities to host and manage events. We do recommend officers to join conferences and events already in the ICT industry and participate within the events instead of running their own events for IFGICT only. We have had success in approaching IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers) conferences. Contact IEEE members in your region and they may welcome our ICT approach.


Q. Can I give a training courses online?


•             As long as you are Green IT Professional Certified,  you are free to conduct on campus or online courses.


Q. Can I have agreements with other standards companies like SGS and TUV to adapt ICT Green standards?(Do we have to be exclusive to IFGICT)


•             Green ICT Standard is International label, for partnership level with other standards, please contact iro@ifgict.org


Q. More information about the ICO required tasks and time and expectations


•             We rely on volunteers, who already have their full time work world wide, some members dedicate hour per week, others dedicated more, it is completely up to you. The success of IFGICT is attributed to volunteer effort. As a not-for-profit organization we solely rely on the volunteering efforts of our officers and volunteers.


Q. What is the next road map and plan after the selection


•             Contact our International Relations Officer at iro@ifgict.org.


Q. Any other presence required on the country addition to have the ICO? i.e, Office? other members?(Can we recruit other officers – volunteers)


•             We do not request any offices at all, to nominate members or new ICO in your region, please  contact iro@ifgict.org


Q. What are the sources of revenue for IFGICT?


•             Our federation was funded by group of private companies in the start-up phase.Now we are operating financially under the income of members’ registrations and certifications.


Q. What are the benefits of being an ICO? I believe it’s a volunteer position but we have the business module. from the meeting I understood that it’s still a volunteer as the 50$ we will get on each certificate will not cover our expenses like phone calls, mileage and logistics, not talking about efforts here.


•             Being ICO means you are top qualified by our federation as officer in your country or region. You can earn more if you are ICO and certified, then you will be able to conduct training to candidates and charge them direct without any business model with our federation. You can start your campaign by building relationships with local schools and universities much easier and with no expenses, rather than you communicate with each individual, the university or school will help you to communicate with candidates and manage your events or seminars to gather all candidates, which would make your voice reachable to all candidates with efforts saving.


Q. Why we need to pay you the Certificate fees to become certified while we're volunteers with you, it doesn’t make sense?


•             We charge only 50% of certificate, which cover online exam and your certificate. There are many globally acclaimed certification bodies that do not discount certification fees for any member or volunteer or training provider. This benefit is exclusively for ICO of IFGICT


Q. Since (where I am staying / living at present) is a developing country, there are no manufacturing companies for electronics goods and items, except some small scale assembly plants. However, there are sample scope for certification training to create awareness at the consumer level.


•             Our professional certification is addressing academic as well, you may start by promoting our certification to academic sectors, for PP certification, we’ll consider the GDP of each country and announce the prices for PP in our website very soon.


Q. There could be a good business aspect for the IFGICT in regards to old and used computers and accessories recycling program, if there is any.


•             We love new ideas, please feel free to send us your idea and our technical committee members will be happy to develop with you an innovation approach.


Q. Your certification program could be strengthened if you could add IT Audit training along with it. Because at present, there is a niche in many countries in this area.


•             Our certification based on audit for Green ICT, we are working on second level of certification dedicated to Global ICT, stay tuned!


Q. May I start create Linkedin page name “IFGICT [My country]” as a 1st step to be ICO?

•             If you are selected as approved ICO for your region, sure you can, you will need to have facebook and twitter page too.