List of  certifications disciplines we validate

Software Engineering
Design Thinking
Web Design
Design Computing Studio I - Interactive Technology
Design Computing Studio 2 - Testing & Evaluation
Information Systems
Discrete Mathematics
Design Computing 
Relational Database Systems
Computational Science
Computer Systems
Computer Systems Principles and Programming
Digital Prototyping
Human-Computer Interaction
Information Analysis and System Design
Operating Systems Architecture
Algorithms & Data Structures
Artificial Intelligence
Information Security
Computer Networks 
Visualization, Computer Graphics & Data Analysis
High-Performance Computing
Software Process
Social & Mobile Computing
Physical Computing & Interaction Design Studio
Database Systems
Web Information Systems
Service-Oriented Architectures
Advanced Techniques and Applications
Operations Research Planning
Coding & Cryptography
Genomics & Bioinformatics
Advanced Bioinformatics
eBusiness Systems and Strategy
Business Information Security
Electrical Systems
Innovation Technology Management
Technology Management
e- Marketing
Big Data
Clouding Systems
Telecommunication Systems
Quality assurance analyst

Block Chain

Digital Passport


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